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Erik Neusch is a former assistant attorney general from the Colorado Attorney General's office who can defend and represent you in Colorado Attorney General investigations and civil investigative demands. Neusch Law is located in Denver, Colorado.

Erik Neusch

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During his 18-year career as both a private lawyer and more recently as a civil prosecutor for the Colorado Attorney General of financial and business fraud, Erik Neusch has proven to be a relentless and effective advocate for his clients. While at the Attorney General, he obtained significant and unprecedented results. He now brings an aggressive prosecutor’s mentality and a skilled approach to cases and litigation to representing clients in private practice.

Erik served as lead counsel of a team of investigators, paralegals, and attorneys in investigating and prosecuting the most powerful defendants—who were represented by large and high-priced law firms—that the Colorado Attorney General’s consumer protection section ever faced. Without exception, Erik’s team promptly stopped all the targeted business practices—and his team returned millions of dollars to victims and to the State of Colorado. Erik’s team not only took on the toughest and most complex cases, they recovered the most money in the history of consumer protection actions by the Attorney General.

As a civil law enforcement prosecutor for more than 9 years, Erik was fortunate to serve as lead counsel for the largest and most complex investigations and enforcement actions where he and his colleagues achieved the following in the history of the consumer protection section for cases by the Attorney General: 

  • Recovery of the most victim restitution, penalties, and attorney fees

  • The largest individual restitution awards

  • Recovery of 100-percent of investor losses in a complex six-figure commercial investment scheme

  • The largest and only eight-figure judgment, all of which was collected

  • Freezing and recovery of the most assets from businesses and individuals

  • The most seven-figure consent and trial judgments, including the only admissions of wrongdoing in three seven-figure consent judgments

  • The most deposition, trial, and appellate experience, including four successful published decisions.

One of Erik’s signature achievements with the Attorney General was leading the largest consumer protection investigation in the office against the powerful foreclosure legal and title industry, including 100-plus person law firms and large title companies, with combined annual revenues of $100 million. This massive investigation of law firms promptly stopped all the billing practices and resulted in multiple seven-figure consent and trial judgments, and the largest and only 8-figure judgment in the history of consumer protection enforcement actions by the Colorado Attorney General. And it led to sweeping industry changes, including a 90-percent reduction in foreclosure costs payable by homeowners, the public, and taxpayer-funded investors and insurers.

He was also lead attorney in the largest joint Colorado Attorney General-United States Attorney investigation of a nationwide mortgage fraud scheme, which resulted in freezing and recovering a seven-figure judgment, admission of wrongdoing, and shutting down the business.


Erik graduated college summa cum laude from the University of Colorado and earned his law degree at the University of Colorado Law School.